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With the recent changes in our sport administration, finding information has become difficult. HorseSense is designed to make the Equestrian Sport more accessible, and be the go-to place for people looking for horse-related information and resources in the Western Cape.

We offer listings for:

  • Shows - both Graded and Recreational Shows
  • Livery Yards and Riding Schools
  • Riding Instructors across all levels and disciplines
  • Equine Practitioners
  • Clinic, News, Useful Information and Links
  • Web pages for smaller disciplines


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Passport Update - January 2014
The Secretary General of SAEF has confirmed that passports can be issued and validated in the Western Cape by Danielle Pienaar, who can be contacted on 082 936 3604. Passports that have both the Details of Ownership and the Identification pages stamped by WPHS (or any other provincial body) are valid, and do NOT need any further validation.